The Best Men’s Wide Belts for Jeans (2 Inches Wide)

Looking for a wide belt to wear with your jeans?

The Best Wide Men’s Belts for Jeans (2 Inches Wide)

Most men’s leather belts are between 1″ and 1.5″ wide (or 25 to 37.5mm), making them good for a suit or regular jeans. However, if you want a wide belt to match a thick, heavy pair of jeans, you’ll want to pick up a belt that measures somewhere between 1.75″ and 2″ in thickness.

Just like with a regular belt for jeans, a wide jeans belt should be made of good quality leather and use reliable, durable hardware. The key features that we recommend looking for in a wide belt are:

  • Full grain leather (or top grain leather, at the very least), which has a more natural look and better durability than the cheap, corrected grain leather used in low quality belts.
  • A brass or steel buckle, since these metals are strong, resistant to scratching and will last for 10+ years with proper care.
  • The right color. Remember that the best “rule” for choosing which color belt to buy is that it should match the leather used in your shoes or boots.

With that out of the way, let’s get into our favorite wide belts for jeans. We’ve scored Amazon to find the top-rated wide belts, all of which measure around 2″ in thickness. If you’re looking for a wide leather belt to wear with your favorite pair of jeans, you’ll be happy with any of these belts:

Style n Craft 392752 2-Inch Work Belt in Heavy Top Grain Hunter Leather
(Best Belt Under $30)


If you’re looking for a budget 2″ belt to wear with jeans, this one from Style N Craft is a great buy. It’s made from top grain hunter leather, giving it a soft feel and good strength.

This belt measures 2″ from top to bottom, making it a regular work belt size. It has a heavy duty metal roller buckle with two prongs to hold it securely whenever it’s buckled up. The stitching is done in black nylon to match the color of the leather used to make the belt.

Style N Craft makes this belt to fit a 30-46″ waist, meaning one size fits just about everyone.

The only downside of this belt is that the holes are a little small, meaning it can take a minute or so to put it on. We recommend stretching out the holes once you’ve bought it, which makes it much easier to put on and take off.

All in all, this is a good quality belt and a great buy, especially when you consider the quality of the leather and construction.

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Mens Heavy Duty Black Leather Belt 2″ Wide (Best Value for Money)

Priced in the $50 range (on up to $80 depending on the size), these black leather belts from Dangerous Threads are our pick for best overall wide leather belt. They’re cut from thick, Premium Grade cowhides tanned in the USA and have an ultra-strong feel that makes them perfect as work or heavy duty jeans belts.

These belts measure 2″ wide and 1/8″ thick and come in solid black. They have a steel, nickel-coated roller buckle with two strong metal snaps, giving them serious durability. We’re seriously convinced that you could wear this belt for decades without ever damaging the buckle.

With sizes from 32″ to 72″ available, these belts are available to fit any waist.

Dangerous Threads also offers these belts in dark brown, or “chocolate,” as they refer to it, which we’ve reviewed below. For the money, these are great belts that will withstand a ton of abuse, making them great all-purpose belts to wear with your favorite pair of jeans.

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Dangerous Threads Mens Dark Chocolate Brown Leather Belt (Best Value for Money)

This is the dark chocolate brown version of the Dangerous Threads 2″ Belt we reviewed above. It’s exactly the same in terms of materials and design, but comes in a dark brown color that’s perfect for matching with brown leather shoes and belts.

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Hanks 2in “The Marshall” Leather Concealed Carry Gun Belt (Highest Quality)


If you’re looking for the highest quality wide leather belt on the market, you’ll like the Hanks 2in “The Marshall” Leather Concealed Carry Gun Belt. Designed for CCW purposes, this belt is made from American made vegetable tanned full grain leather, giving it some of the best strength and leather quality of any men’s belt on the market.

This belt uses Chicago screw construction, meaning you can easily unscrew the buckle to adjust the belt’s length or swap in a new buckle. The buckle itself is made from solid steel and has a chrome, scratch-resistant exterior coating that gives it a nice shine and a rugged look.

Hanks offers this belt in a huge range of sizes, from 32 to 60. Make sure you read the sizing instructions before you order it, as each belt is designed to fit a waist that’s 2-4 inches smaller than its length. It’s also available in black or brown, making it easy to choose a color that best matches your shoes or boots.

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