How to Choose The Right Belt Color

If you’re new to men’s fashion, choosing the right color of belt to wear with your clothes can be a serious challenge. Do you stick with conservative black, or choose a more versatile brown? Does your belt need to match your clothes, or only your shoes?

Luckily, choosing the right color belt for your clothing isn’t as difficult as you think. In fact, there’s only one rule to remember: match your belt to your shoes, and match your shoes to your pants.

For example, if you’re wearing black pants, pick a pair of black shoes to match them and a black belt to match your shoes. If you’re wearing blue jeans, pick a pair of brown shoes to match them and a brown belt to match your shoes.

This comes back to our one rule of owning belts: every man needs at least one brown leather belt and at least one black leather belt.

Add a pair of matching brown shoes/boots and black shoes/boots to your wardrobe and you have every occasion and outfit covered, from a casual jeans-and-t-shirt look to your office clothing.

To keep it simple:

  • Light blue or medium blue pants = brown shoes and brown belt
  • Dark blue pants = brown or black shoes, with a matching belt
  • Black pants = black shoes and belt, no exceptions

The rules of men’s fashion can seem strict and difficult to understand at first, but they’ll make more sense as time goes on. Eventually, you’ll find it easy to match your shoes to your clothing and your belt to your shoes. Just follow the rules at the beginning and you’ll eventually master the art of dressing timelessly without even thinking about it.

Search for the right belt?

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