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Corrected vs. Full Grain Leather: Which is Best?

Two of the most common terms you’ll hear when comparing belts are “full grain” and “corrected grain” leather. These refer to different types of leather. Both are usually made from cowhide, but each is finished and treated in a different way: Full grain leather is largely untreated, with only a dyeing process to change the color of the leather. This type of leather retains the natural texture and feel of cowhide, giving it a rich, deep feel and a soft...
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Does your belt buckle say ‘casual’ or ‘formal?’

Did you know that there’s more to a formal or casual belt than just its width? Several things separate casual belts (also known as jeans belts) from dress belts: Casual belts are wider. On average, casual belts are more than 1.5″ wide, whereas dress belts are less than 1.5″ wide. Casual belts are usually, but not always, made from one piece of leather. In comparison, dress belts are usually made from two or three pieces of leather stitched and joined together to create...
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