Why Front Pocket Wallets go with Jeans

As you have read on previous posts on this site, there are certain belts that go well with jeans, and choosing which one to wear often also depends on the shoes one is wearing.  But a related question that has come up many times is “should I match my wallet with my belt or shoes?”.

After consulting many people the answer is a resounding “it doesn’t matter”.  The reason for this is that even if you are ultra fashion conscious the wallet is one accessory that should never be in plain view.  However, there are certain wallets that work best when wearing jeans.  So what is the best wallet to wear with jeans?  Let’s start by talking about how the style has changed in recent years.

Traditionally, a man’s wallet was a large, kind of bulky accessory that contained a driver’s license, cash, several credit cards, receipts, business cards slips of paper with phone numbers on them and any number of other random items.  When wearing jeans, the wallet would typically be stored in the back pocket.  Aside from causing undue wear on the back pocket of the jeans, this can also lead to lack of comfort when sitting.

Enter the “Front Pocket Wallet”.  This style of wallet has become a very popular choice over the last several years for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is that with the almost universal usage of cell phones, the amount of items we find it necessary to carry in a wallet has gotten much smaller.  Generally all you really need it a driver’s license and a credit or debit card or two.  Other things that were previously stored in a traditional wallet, such as pictures, receipts and phone numbers are now stored on our cell phones.

This migration to the front pocket wallet has had the additional benefit of adding security to the carrier for a couple of reasons.  For one, carrying the wallet in the front pocket makes it tougher for pickpockets to get to.  And for even more security, many of the new front pocket wallets are now offering a feature called RFID blocking.  RFID blocking is a way to help prevent a newer form of “electronic pickpocketing” .  The concern over this comes from the fact that most drivers licenses and credit cards come with radio frequency embedded chips that can potentially allow criminals to gather information.  The good news is that front pocket wallets with the RFID blocking feature are very affordable.

Our absolute favorite among the choices today is the

Serman Brands RFID blocking Front Pocket Wallet

This one comes in six different colors (so if you really do like to match your wallet to your belt you can do it).  It can easily hold six different cards or more.  One feature I like is the slot on the outside where you can put your most used card and have easily access to it by simply pushing it out with your thumb.  And for those of us that still use cash on occasion, there is a removable money clip that can be inserted in the middle of the wallet.  Priced under $35, it is a great value.

If you are not as concerned with RFID blocking and are looking for a front pocket wallet that is made of genuine leather and is even more affordably priced (less than $25), I highly recommend the

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s York SlimMagnetic Front Pocket Wallet

This one was the first front pocket wallet I ever bought and I was very satisfied.  It is perfectly fine for carrying your license and five or six cards and has a couple additional outer pockets.  One feature it also has is sewn inside the leather on each end of the wallet is a small rectangular magnet.  When you start to fold it over, the two magnets attract and the wallet snaps shut.  This keeps it from shifting back and forth in your pocket.  Although this wallet doesn’t have the RFID or the money clip feature, I found it a great improvement over the traditional wallet I had been carrying and the high quality leather stood the test of time (I have had it a few years).  The only thing I should note about this wallet is that over time the spot where the two magnets meet has faded the leather so you can see the rectangular outline of the magnets.  All in all though, it is a very good value.


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